Looking for the Good When Everything Looks Bad


When I was in my twenties I didn’t really get it when people talked about how tough life could be. Sure I had my challenges, but they had thankfully not been too terrible.

But, as we go along in life often the challenges get bigger and harder to understand, nevermind deal with.

A friend posted this link on social media about the one question that can help get you out of a funk, and it got me thinking.

Recently I wrote about what I’d learned from having been seriously ill, but this question, “How is This Good?” is totally something else.

I think about dealing with my oldest son’s addiction, and now ten years out I can think of many good things - I’m less judgemental, my son and I are closer than ever, I now have experience to help others, I have more gratitude… I could go on and on.

But...if you asked me what was good back then, I would have found nothing.

There is a famous Mark Twain quote that goes, “Humor is tragedy plus time,” the same is true of seeing the good in a challenging situation. You’re not going to find the good the day your car gets stolen or you lose your job. But give it some time. If you practice this way of thinking you will eventually find the good in almost everything.

I’ve got a few situations that I’m patiently waiting on, but I have faith that soon I will see the good. And maybe, just maybe I’ll even find the humor.