Having grown up on Cape Cod I am very connected to my community, and love the people and infinite amount of creative energy that abounds here. It’s a place that inspires and brings out the creative spirit in those who choose to make it their home.

I raised three children here who are all now grown and living their own entrepreneurial lives around the globe. They push me and inspire me to keep trying new things and not get stuck, which is easy to do!

My life has taken many twists and turns - some happy, some challenging, but all making me a wiser and more compassionate person which I hope translates into making me a better writer, and a life coach who brings an abundance of life experience to my work with clients.

My own entrepreneurial spirit has brought me to a place where I have found my passion pursuing both writing and coaching. I used to think one had to choose one path, now I can see how untrue that is.

As someone who has gone through divorce, the drug addiction of a child, and all the ups and downs that life can throw at you, I believe I bring a level of compassion and knowledge to all my work that is hard earned.